Dennis Leahy

For Montgomery Town Supervisor

Dennis Leahy and the ONE Montgomery team are running to bring leadership and experience to the Town of Montgomery government.

Dennis Leahy – My Story

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  • PROVEN LEADERSHIP 17 years of Government Experience!
  • Facilitate inter-municipal communication between the town, villages and school district.
  • Actively pursue businesses that are a “Good Fit” for the town which pay good wages and provide ratable taxes to lower the tax burden on residents.
  • Provide a plan to “Improve and Enhance” our town parkland for Youth Sports and Recreation.
  • Implement a “Comprehensive Plan” for the Town of Montgomery.
  • Implement a plan and spearhead the neglected town infrastructure.
  • Enhance town communication to combat the opioid epidemic.
  • Fiscal Accountability


Dennis Leahy accomplishments from 2008-2019

As Mayor of Maybook:


  • New Senior Center/Community Center
  • New Pavilion in the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park
  • New Government Center – Village Board Meeting Room, Village Court, Police Station and Maybrook Railroad Museum.
  • New construction of a $5.3 million sewer treatment plant and avoided significant fines from the DEC. Came in under original cost of $6 million.
  • SAVED the Village of Maybrook $1.5 million by NOT having to replace the clean out pipe that runs below Yellow Freight to the wetlands. Sewer Line cleaned out for $35,000.00
  • LED Street Lights in the village.
  • NEW Sidewalks on Tower Ave.
  • Secured $100k grant for sidewalks on Homestead Ave (Oak St to Clark Place)
  • Secured $100k grant for sidewalks on Homestead Ave (Planning construction 2019)
  • September 2017, the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees introduce the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS). Adoption of Chapter 210 Zoning Code Amendments and Creation of a Traditional Downtown Design District to welcome shovel ready projects. Took 6 years to complete this and adopted in 2018.
  • Re-construction of Country Club Drive.
  • Started sewer lining in the village in 2011 through Community Development Grants. In 2019, the 95 percent of the sewer lines have been completed in the village.
  • Central Hudson Gas Main Line and Service Line upgrade on Homestead Ave Spring/Summer 2018
  • June 2019, secured $50,000.00 Grant for Sewer Lining with an extra $10,000.00 bringing the total to $60,000.00
  • Added NEW Street Signs in the Village.


  • Enhanced Village of Maybrook Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Added 3 Christmas Trees and a Christmas display for the holiday season.
  • Added 4 seasons of banners on Homestead Ave.
  • Purchased new Christmas Wreaths Decorations.
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Halloween Celebration for kids
  • Memorial Day Parade and Service
  • Added the Village of Maybrook 4th of July Celebration with fireworks as a village event through County Grant and donations.
  • Added a Carnival as part of the Celebrate Maybrook with fireworks.
  • Started the Maybrook Autumn 5k which is now the Maybrook / VFW “Run for Homeless Heroes” 5k Race and Walk
  • Established September “Ovarian Cancer Awareness”, October “Breast Cancer Awareness” and November “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness” in Maybrook every year.
  • Welcomed the new Maybrook Wind Ensemble to our village, an intergeneration wind ensemble which performs concerts for residents and other villages and towns.
  • Added two Village of Maybrook “Family Movie Nights” in the summer


  • New Basketball Court in the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park
  • Relocation and new Veterans Monument in the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park
  • New Beach Volleyball “Joan Smith Memorial” in the Frederick Myers Veterans Memorial Park.
  • Fixed up the baseball fields
  • Brought back youth soccer with the Orange County Youth Soccer using our soccer field.
  • Added new basketball court to the David Weiss Memorial Park.
  • Valley Central Girls Softball games played in the Village of Maybrook.
  • Started Women’s Recreation Softball
  • Remodeled the Danny Myer Park Playground Equipment
  • October 20th, 2016, hosted a rededication of the “Danny Meyer Memorial Playground”
  • New Soccer Field in the David Weiss Memorial Park opening in the fall of 2019


  • Purchased 104, 106 and 108 Main St. for a Municipal Parking Lot for economic development from the County for $40K. Removed the existing house and now ready to become a municipal parking lot.
  • Security Cameras installed in and around the Government Center, Main St and Tower Ave (2018), David Weiss Memorial Park.
  • Met with the NY Banking District Committee at the Maybrook Government Center about Wallkill Valley Savings Bank and Maybrook becoming a “Banking District” in June 2016. August 2016, the Wallkill Federal Savings Bank hosted a Grand Opening announcing the bank and the Village of Maybrook are now a part of the Banking District.
  • In June 2016, held a meeting for investors, realty agents and local government officials announcing the Village of Maybrook Economic Plan.
  • In July 2016, introduced legislation to the Maybrook Board of Trustees pertaining to “Drug use or Sale by renters in the Village of Maybrook. The legislation passes unanimously. Walden adopts the same law in October 2016.
  • Negotiations and discussions for a Corporate Business Park (GALAXY) in Maybrook.
  • 2017 New Stage in the Maybrook Senior Center donated by the Walden Rotary
  • 2017 upgraded the sound system at the Maybrook Senior Center/Community Center.
  • In January 2019, introduced “Hope not Handcuffs” Program into the village which will work with the Village of Maybrook Police Department. Adopted in the Town of Montgomery and the Village of Walden.
Kept village taxes reasonable and affordable for residents. LOWEST taxes and expenditures in the town!


  • Mayor of Maybrook 2008-present
  • 17 years of Government Experience
  • Initiated an Economic Development Plan in Maybrook
  • Spearheaded Maybrook infrastructure, NEW Senior Center/Community Center, NEW Sewer Treatment Plant, NEW Sidewalks, re-lined sewer lines and fiscally responsible budgets.
  • Enhanced Village Parks and Family Community Events
  • 1998-2009 Shop Steward, Business Agent and Vice President of the Communications Workers of America Local 1107
  • Volunteer Work: Maybrook Little League, Cyclones and Diamond Dawgs Travel Baseball, the Maybrook Troop 236 Scouts and the Maybrook Kiwanis Club.